Work Packages Overview

The STARKEY project involves five scientific work packages, addressing distinct physical processes controlling stellar evolution during the TP-AGB, as well as their modelling and comparison with observed data.

  • WP1: Stellar Models - Dedicated to the calculation of stellar evolutionary tracks and their integration with stellar population synthesis
  • WP2: Pulsation - Addresses the modelling of pulsation during the AGB and the interpretation of observed Period-Luminosity relations.
  • WP3: Winds and Dust - Devoted to the modelling of stellar spectra, dust formation, atmospheric dynamic and mass loss during the AGB.
  • WP4: Radiative Transfer - Concerns the computation of mass-loss rates and photometric features of AGB stars accounting for dust formation in stationary stellar winds.
  • WP5: Calibration Set - Tasked with assembling the reference observational data set for calibration and producing synthetic stellar population models that incorporate results from other WPs.